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An Evening in the Trees

An Evening in the Trees

There is something wonderful about a summer evening, calm descends and we all slow down, a perfect time to spend in the trees.

On Thursday 19th July Keep Playing joined forces with Mudchute Park and Farm to try out an evening event for local children and young people.

The result was superb,  children built dens and learnt Forest School skills, they built and lit a fire and made their own snacks. They also made Mexican stars. There was an offer of whittling and run around games too but the other activities were just too tempting.

Masud, from the PATH playwork team, impressed us all with his first ever attempt at cooking - calzones cooked on the embers.That's Masud in the photo, looking proud!  However he was outclassed by the delicious calzones made by Mudchute regulars Kara, Jessica and Alexis who kindly made calzones for the den builders too.

July 26th 2012
A story by suzannah walker about the wooded area behind the nursery in Mudchute Park and Farm. It is a 'Experiences' story.
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