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Arnold Circus Olympicnic

Arnold Circus Olympicnic

"A  day of discovery and delight"  enthused an attendee of the Arnold Circus Olympicnic event on Sunday 9th July.

And we can't disagree with that. The event was a total treat and a real credit to the organisers, Friends of Arnold Circus.

The Cherry Pip Spitting competition was genius and an inspiration to all Silly Olympians out there.

The cyclists toured round and round the closed road, what a delight for pedestrians not to worry about traffic!! Tower Hamlets Wheelers provided a Dr Bike and the PATH playworkers provided Go Karts and other playful activities.

Take a look at the full story on the Friends of Arnold Circus blog site here

July 13th 2012
A story by about the Bandstand in Arnold Circus. It is a 'Experiences' story.
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