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Silly Olympics Equestrian Trial

Silly Olympics  Equestrian Trial

The sun had shone all day. It was 3.30pm and no sign of a rain cloud. The Keep Playing team were all prepared for Silly Olympics in Weavers Fields, grass skis, hula hoops, kit to make horses and origami water bombs were out and ready in anticipation for the children from Trailblazers after school club. Some children had already stopped to play on their way home from school. Grass ski races had been a hilarious challenge, for once the playworkers won.

As Trailblazers arrived the sky darkened, the wind stirred the branches of the nearby trees and the first drops or rain could be felt on the children's expectant faces. Play began, but within five minutes it was obvious that rain was going to stop play. Our equestrian dressage event was moving to soggy cardboard and the children were getting cold. It was time for Trailblazers to retreat back to base, Bethnal Green Mission church.

Undeterred the Keep Playing team and PATH playworkers, Kitty and Masud, shot back to the PATH office, swapped outdoor equipment for indoor and headed after the children to take them indoor Silly Olympics.

There wasn't much time but five of us learnt how to make origami waterbombs, ready for our alternative shotput. And the dressage... well Kitty and young horse enthusiast Freya and friends made some wonderful horses, you can see Freya modelling one in the photo. Freya took one home and her mum thinks Freya will be trying out a spot of jousting with her sister in it!

There are little Silly Olympics events popping up around Tower Hamlets take a look in our events section for more information.


July 13th 2012
A story by about Trailblazers After School Club in Weavers Fields. It is a 'Experiences' story.
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