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We love Trailblazers

We love Trailblazers

We love tea time at Trail blazers, this week Claudia made us rice and hot vegetables with salad and everyone is very kind here.

The staff are Clauida, Taile, Karla, Amira they are really kind and helpful because if you need help they can help and everyone is not horrible so everyone enjoys themselves. We go places like Weavers Field, Mile End Park pond dipping, Bethnal Green library, Musem of Childhood, Ecology center in Mile End and Bow Police station. We have been to a bring and buy sale, done Olyimpca games and practiced German language.

And this week we are going to Weavers Field on Thursday 12th  for Silly Olympic games and Trailblazer reunion with the Keep Playing Team.

July 6th 2012
A story by Geneva about Trailblazers. It is a 'Places' story
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