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Trailbazers for Play

Trailbazers for Play


by Amiyah and Geneva


The parachute is fun, it’s enjoyable. All the kids like to play with it. Everyone likes playing sleeping lions under the parachute.

Geneva says that if she was going to teach a parachute game to other people it would be the mushroom and the one where we use the ball and send it around the parachute.

Freya says she likes to play parachute games, but she prefers to play in the role play area. We can make up lots of games and we pretend we are students at college. We try to imagine how it would be. Today we’re doing our homework as well. Amiya doesn’t like maths, she likes drawing best! 

July 3rd 2012
A story by Amiya and Geneva about Trailblazers After School Club in Bethnal Green Mission Church. It is a 'Places' story.
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