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Keep Playing summer sessions

Keep Playing summer sessions

In addition to the PATH play sessions on estates the Keep Playing team have planned weekly play events and outings to playful spaces. 

Wednesday August 6th (National Playday) at the Play Pod in Mile End Park 12.00 - 4.00pm

We'll be trying out some new imitation hay bales and mixing in some real ones for a session of building and creating.

It's not just for children, when we talk to adults some remember the haydays of their play. Come along and discover this playful oasis of Mile End Park with shady places to sit, climb and play.

Thursday August 7th - Pedal Powered Roller Disco 12.00 - 4.00pm Victoria Park

Come and join us by the pools park playground and hub building, bring your skates, scooters or bikes for wheeled play. The music will be powered by our cycle generator.

Thursday August 14th - Fabric city at the Play Pod 2.00 - 5.00pm

Use colorful fabrics and hammock nets to create your own playful space

Thursday 21st - Take a walk with us to the Olympic Park 1.00 - 5.00pm

We are asking families to book so we know how many people to expect. The park has new play features, fountains, giant swings, chalenging climbing opportunities and plenty of space to picnic. Meet at Crown Gate in Victoria Park, off Grove Road at 1.00pm or contact Eleanor to plan meeting along the way and bus routes you can get from your area.

Thursday August 28th - Traditional games at Mile End Children's Park 2.00 - 5.00pm

Have a go at some old style games, sack races, egg and spoon, marbles, chalking and skipping. Or make up a new game

For more information on any event call Eleanor at PATH on 0207 729 3306 / e-mail / text the Keep Playing mobile 07935 743 506 please note this phone can only make and take texts not calls.

July 29th 2014
A story by Eleanor Image about summer fun in Tower Hamlets. It is a 'Events' story.
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