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Hopscotch around Mile End

Hopscotch around Mile End


Saturday July 26th was a beautiful sunny day, unlike the previous day when torrential rain washed away the hopscotch grid painted by 100 volunteers. So we did again on Saturday morning with local children keen to help.

Being out chalking created interest from passers by who stopped to ask what this was about, it was a great way to talk to people about play.

One of whom was Dave the local police officer who hadn't heard the news last year about police in Kent.

Police officers drove past a 10 year old girl chalking a hopscotch grid outside her house and stopped to tell her it was criminal damage!

Read the story here

Dave was surprised and didn't agree that a bit of chalk is criminal damage.


It's good for kids to have a space they can go to to play he said, then had a go at the hopscotch himself.






July 28th 2014
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