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Rest and play

Rest and play

As part of our positive play campagin we are celebrating July as the month to rest and play and what better way to do that than to take time out and lie in a hammock.

At PATH play sessions we have used different materials for hammocks and found that lycra and the scaffold netting work best but why not try any fabrics you have.

We have had lots of practice over the years and know its important to get the knots right. You can start practicing by using bits of string and following visual instructions here

Hammocks aren't the only way to relax. in the warm weather you can sit in the shade. Or lie back and look for creatures in the clouds, if you want to learn more about clouds the BBC have produced a cloud spotting guide that you can read here.

Whilst you're lying back in the grass listen to the insects, can you hear crickets and grass hoppers? What butterflies and moths flutter by? And can you tell how old a ladybird is by the number of spots it has? 

There are more ideas on the PATH website here

In August the Keep Playing team will be out and about playing around the borough, keep coming back to the events section of this website for details of where and when.

Ps ladybirds spots don't really tell you the age of a ladybird, 

July 1st 2014
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