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Being a playworker

Being a playworker

Being a playworker is pretty much a dream job. Every day is different, the weather, the interaction with people and and the different activities that happen when children come out to play, no day is ever boring.

If i am feeling glum before work I always go home in a good mood. Children (and teens) by nature are sociable, curious and accepting and want to try new things. Working for PATH is a magical journey.  The concept of the 'Playing Out' is that children should be able to play out in spaces on their doorstep and is available to every one. Our job is to encorage communities to get to know each other a little and and show families and children how easy it is to get some activities on the go.

Its time to own our own streets, to get to know our nieghbours, to stop myths of dodgy people lurking behind every corner and to give our children the chance to become more independent and doing free outdoor stuff like....... skipping, singing rhymes, playing hide and seek, 40 40 home, climbing, knitting, reading, having outside little picnics and so on.

I want to thank every little cheeky face that I have had the pleasure of spending time with, you kids are great fun and have kept me fit and active

June 21st 2012
A story by Kitty about Tower Hamlets. It is a 'Experiences' story
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