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Meeting the mums and dads at the Tarling Centre

Meeting the mums and dads at the Tarling Centre

Normally we talk about encouraging risk in children's play rather than safety so we were surprised to be invited to a safety event for under fives in the South West of the borough. The event was organised by local Children's Centres all of whom had brought a child friendly activity, many with a safety theme.

We prepared a simple activity for children and parents and took a huge bag of play maps and play ideas booklets to give away.

Turnout from families was high and we talked to lots of parents about places to play with the whole family, unfortunately the Children's Centres cannot cater for the over fives. This means that fewer families use the centres during the holidays as families are not just made up of under fives. Keep Playing events are open to all the family and we plan in something for everyone.

Keep an eye out for our summer events programme - soon to be launched on the website.

Ps the photo was taken at White Horse adventure playground some years ago!!!

June 21st 2012
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