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Keeping in touch over summer

Paper cup communication

During the summer holidays the Keep Playing team and playworkers will be playing out at different places around Tower Hamlets. We are planning new play sessions, some playful events and an evening play event for all Play Champions.

We will be playing out in old and new spaces and want to keep in touch with people, at yesterdays play session we made phones with old technology, using string and paper cups. We found out that keeping the string tight meant we could hear better but that they didn't work between blocks so we will make signs, leave clues and tell local children which blocks we will be in. 

The Keep Playing team will put locations of events on the web site and we'll get a new phone so we can send out texts - number coming soon.

If you have an idea, place or event you would like to tell us about submit a story or get in touch with the Keep Playing team here


June 20th 2012
A story by Eleanor Image about Tower Hamlets. It is a 'Places' story
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