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Ice Cube Colouring

Ice Cube Colouring

The PATH mini publication Ring of Ideas, so named because it contains over 60 play ideas on a nice big ring, suggests you try to : Make coloured ice cubes to play with in the bath or sink.  This idea is normally used with small children, but let's be honest even the grown ups can't resist, and all ages seem to engage in this play really easily.

To do this you'll need an ice cube tray, a freezer, a jug, some food colouring and water. Mix water and food colouring in the jug and pour in to the mould, you want the colours quite strong. A few different colours add to the fun and exploration. Pop in to the freezer.

When the cubes are fully frozen get them out and try dropping a few at time into a glass bowl, sink or bath. Swirl up the water and see the patterns the colours make.

There are plenty of other ideas to play with coloured ices as well. Here's a selection of webpages that are fascinating...

Watch this Youtube video and watch a child learn about colour mixing using coloured icecubes, a ziplock bag and some warm water

This webpage is full of amazing ideas for ice - I really liked the idea of dropping a small toy into a balloon, filling it with water,  tying it up and then freezing it. Then using household tools (under supervision) to dig the toy out again.

Try painting with frozen food colouring find easy to follow instructions here

If you are a Tower Hamlets resident you can have your own copy of the Ring of Ideas. Just send us an email here , tell us your name and the address you want the Ring of Ideas sent to and Majeda will pop one in the post for you, free of charge.


May 18th 2012
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