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Family play session

Family play session

The family play session on April 3rd was planned with the Whitehorse play centre, the Adventure Playground, parents from local schools and the Keep Playing team. 

We had a full range of quirky and playful activities for all ages, go karts, flipper races, slime buckets, bubbles and parachute games with the air ball. The air ball was popular and was all sorts of different things during the day.

'I just love it sooooooo much' said one boy and thank you to the girl who ran to fetch her hairdryer from home when ours broke (it needs to be inflated with hot air from the hair dryer)

A Mum whose children go to Cayley School asked if there could be paint rolls and paint so her children could have their footprints done, the rickshaw pedalled throughout the session gaining more and more helpers and Linda did a great job teaching people face painting (see the activities and ideas story)

Thanks to Sam our Play Champion who made the Keep Playing banner. Even a downpour of rain didn't stop people wanting to be out playing.

Lets do more family playing out over summer

April 13th 2012
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