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A Sailor went to Sea Sea Sea

We like playing clapping and skipping games - here are some we play. You can listen to two as well!

A sailor went to sea sea sea.

To see what he could see seee see.

But all that he could see see see.

Was the bottom of the deep blue sea sea sea.

The sailer went chop chop chop.

to see what he could chop chop chop.

And when he went to chop chop chop he cut of his his his finger!!!!!

Ribena safasenna big boys crazy girls.Freeze!!!

Ribena ribena ribena whooo.!!!!

apple crumble lemon pie



Postman postman will you marry me?

Yes No Yes No Yes No

HA HA HA .now that you have seen all of this you can see how fun keep playing is so join now .

March 29th 2012
A story by Zahra, Adile and Jhitanique about in the children's section in Idea Store Bow. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.
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