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We can do that

We can do that

At the family play session on April 3rd 2012 parents and children were encouraged to paint their own faces. I have been doing professional face painting for years and brought good quality non allergic face paints that can be bought from shops around Bethnal Green I was also on hand to give them step by step guidance and top tips.

Almost all the parents got involved and enjoyed the experience, saying they would love to do this again. Not only did they pick up new skills they could use again they enjoyed the process being creative, using the paints, brushes and sponges and having fun.

One Mum said she couldn't do it because she would be no good but when she had a go she was really pleased with the result, as was her son. Another Mum said she will buy her own face paints, practice on family and friends and aim to be a professional herself.

Lots of families came from local schools who are part of the Stepney Partnerships, see more photos on their web site

March 23rd 2012
A story by Linda Cremin about Whitehorse open space in White Horse Open Space. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.
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