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Laugh your head off at the Idea Store Bow

Laugh your head off at the  Idea Store Bow

Q - What is hairy and scary and wears knickers on its head?

A - An underwear wolf

Q - Why shouldn't you tell a joke to an easter egg?

A - Because it might crack up

Q - What's the best way to make pants last?

A - Make the vests first

Q - What has four wheels and flies?

A - A rubbish bin

Q - What does a devil drink?

A - Demonade!!!

Knock Knock Who's there.............. done up.............. done up who? You did a poo?!!!

Q - Which pet makes the most noise?

A - a trum pet

A - What's a baby ghost' favourite game?

Q - Pika boooooooo

March 22nd 2012
A story by Jahir, Tanvir and Fahim about Children's section in Idea Store Bow. It is a 'Experiences' story.
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