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How to Play Kims Game

How to Play Kims Game

We tried out Kims Game at Idea Store Bow.

We had lots of help from three little girls who played the game with us.

First of all we put lots of interesting things on a tray on the table:

Some toy white mice

A toy holey cheese

A badge

A torch

A marble

A tiny silver peg

3 pink buttons

A ring

Look at the picture and try and see what other things we put on the tray.

All the players had a good look at the things on the tray, some people wanted to pick them up - that was fine.

We then covered up our tray with a tea towel. Just for fun we all closed our eyes and counted back to zero from 7. We then all tried to remember what was on the tray. Eleanor wrote it down for us. When we ran out of memory we took the tea towel off the tray and had a look. We'd remembered everything apart from the badge, the marble and the glitter globe. After a few more goes we decided to try taking things away and adding some different things. We even got one person to remove some things from the tray and we had to guess what was missing. That was hard! There's lots of different ways to play this game. You can all have a piece of paper and a pencil and write or draw the items on the tray. If you have a different way to play why not tell us - use the Submit a Story button

March 15th 2012
A story by Suzannah Walker about the children's library in Idea Store Bow. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.
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