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Local Hero

Local Hero

Margaret Cox was one of this projects first Play Champions, she is a real organiser and has been a champion for play in her area long before the Keep Playing project started. PATH has a weekly play session on her estate in Bethnal Green, Margaret has always been supportive of the play sessions, giving practical help like finding some storage space and giving us keys to an inside space.

So we nominted Margaret for a Local Heros award a scheme run by Bank of America Merill Lynch. In December Margaret went to get her award, with it comes a donation of £3,000 for a charity of her choice which is PATH! 'It was between PATH and the dogs home' joked Margaret who said there really was no choice.

Tower Hamlets Homes is matching this donation so thanks to Margaret we have £6,000 to work together to improve play opportunities for children and families living on Tower Hamlets Homes estates.

Thank you Margaret you are a Play Champion and Local Hero


December 9th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about More play sessions. It is a 'Experiences' story
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