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Autumn fun

Is it marshmallow time yet?

This time of year fills me with dread as I wonder how to entertain my very active 3-year old once the sun goes down (in the afternoon!).

There are loads of indoor activities, but sometimes he really needs to let off steam outdoors. Having enjoyed a summer of campfires, I was very excited by Suzannah and Eleanor's idea to build a little fire in our local community garden.

It was fun and easy - something we could do any day of the week with a roasting tin, a couple of bricks and some wood. From the kids' point of view, I think it was a truly magical experience. And for the parents, it made a welcome change from the playground.

December 7th 2011
A story by Yuki Finch about Shacklewell Street Garden. It is a 'Experiences' story
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