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A hidden place to play

see saw and veg garden

Once the home of a thriving One O'clock Club, this little corner of E2 was all but forgotten except by a few gardening enthusiasts living in the immediate area. A couple of years ago a few local residents, suddenly finding ourselves with toddlers and no gardens of our own, joined in and expanded the food growing part of the garden. We were delighted to find a shed full of trikes, toys and outdoor play equipment - a treasure trove that had been gathering dust for years.

We hope our kids can keep playing here for years to come. Between work and expanding families, we are trying to find new ways to share this space with many more local families. We worked with Out of the Ordinary to repaint and refurbish the shed for Easter holiday workshops. We built new raised beds for more veg, and we replaced the sand in the sandpit.

Regular playgroups on Wednesday mornings and alternate Sunday afternoons are gathering momentum. We've created many happy memories celebrating birthdays and the changing of the seasons with a growing group of families. The garden shed has been put up for lease by the council, and together with No Boundaries, a local community charity, we've put in a bid and are waiting to hear...

Winning would give us the opportunity to take on a more formal role managing the space so that we could open it up to the local community properly. Fingers crossed! If you'd like to find out more email

December 7th 2011
A story by Yuki Finch about Shacklewell Street Garden. It is a 'Places' story
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