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Can we do something for bonfire night

Can we do something for bonfire night

We have a weekly play session in the blocks around the Boundary estate one of ther Mums with 3 small children asked ''can we do something for bonfire night?'' we agreed to ask other residents and the housing officer about a small fire and some sparklers.

''Sounds like a great idea'' said the housing officer who has always been supportive of the play sessions. I knocked on doors of blocks around the space, spoke to 30 people and put posters in the stairwell. ''So long as there are no fireworks as they scare my dog'' said one lady ''watch out for the plants'' said another. Everyone else was supportive or just didn't mind ''I think its great that the kids get out to play'' said one man with no children himself.

So we did our risk benefit assessment and took our storm kettle for heating water outside along with cups and hot chocolate, a baking tray to have the fire in and some sparklers. Children had collected some dry sticks and despite the gentle drizzle we lit our fire and children kept it going 'city kids need this'' said one of the Mums, so many children haven't had the experience of a real fire.

A 6 year old girl told us a scary story about zombies and ghosts, adults talked of their fire experience cooking outdoors in Bangladesh or collecting wood for fires in London in 1980's, we got a round of applause for heating water and making hot chocolate, children waved their sparklers and some just sat, totally absorbed by the fire.

''We could do this again that was better than the fireworks'' said children and Mums as the fire died down, why not, if we work together there are lots of playful experiences children can have right on thier doorsteps. 


November 9th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about Boundary estate. It is a 'Experiences' story
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