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Hopscotch in June

Hopscotch in June

Hop skip and jump your way through June. 

The PATH team are encouraging everyone in Tower Hamlets to campaign for play and this month we're suggesting you try out that traditional game Hopscotch. 

After some trial bouncing around we've discovered a few things. 

Firstly chalking your own hopscotch is part of the game - those ones painted on to school playgrounds miss the point. Part of the fun of hopscotch is drawing up your grid.

Secondly you can create lots of indoor games of hopscotch using a roll of  masking tape (you can even make your own masking tape pebble)

Thirdly children are so much faster at hopping along hopscotch than adults. But when it comes to remembering the rules and when/how to pick up the pebble... that's when the adults seem to do a little bit better (must be all the practice they put in as children)

And fourthly our director LOVED hopscotch  back in her childhood. 

We know hopscotch isn't known to everyone so here are the rules

Will you be able to hop the Mile Long Hopscotch in Mile End? 

The PATH team are working with Shuffle and East End Homes to create a mile long hopscotch route through Mile End on 26th July 2014, from 12.30 - 4.30pm. The event is free and there will be plenty of fun activities to enjoy as you hop along the route. Read more about the event on the poster that you can download here 

Hoppy playtimes in June .....

For more interesting Hopscotch facts have a look at our article on the PATH website here 

June 4th 2014
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