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Growing Play on housing estates in Tower Hamlets

Growing Play on housing estates in Tower Hamlets
Play Association Tower Hamlets has been growing play around the borough since being set up in 2001. Over the last few years we have worked with communities and their landlords to develop play friendly attitudes and spaces.
The Keep Playing project started in April 2011, funded by BIG Lottery Reaching Communities the projects aim was to work with more landlords and communities to increase play opportunities for children close to home.
The Growing play booklet is a selection of stories and examples which we hope will be of use to anyone who wants to create playful environments for children and the wider community.
Download the booklet here
Decent homes need decent spaces. CABE & National Housing Federation PDF link
Sowing the Seeds. Reconnecting London’s Children with Nature. Tim Gill 2011 PDF link
No Ball Games—Welwyn Hatfield  Borough Council  PATH website and PDF link
Risk Benefits / Health and Safety Executive July 2012 PDF link
Public spaces — Social relations J. Rowntree 2006 PDF link
Playful Communities toolkit Play England
For more information on this project and the work PATH does in Tower Hamlets contact the PATH team on 0207 729 3306. We have limited copies of the booklet to share with anyone who wants to develop play where they live or work.

April 23rd 2014
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