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More blooms in the Holly Folly

More blooms in the Holly Folly

The Holly Folly is always good to visit if you are close to Crown Gate East in Victoria park. With it's tiny tables and tree stump stools it's a handy space to stop for a game of hide and seek. You can also seek out the mosaics on the ground and all the owls, spiders and bats that are still in the trees.

This morning Suzannah popped over to see how the bulbs are growing that children and families planted with Keep Playing and Free Play in the autumn. It was a good chance to play spot the flowers. There were hyacinths, snowdrops, daffodils and  crocuses to be found in and around the Folly.

Take a visit and see if you can find any more. Here's a photo the the daffodils to inspire you.

March 19th 2014
A story by Suzannah Walker about Holly Folly close to Crown Gate East in Victoria Park. It is a 'Places' story.
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