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Play Promenade

Play Promenade

Last week we met a very enthusiastic lady called Lucy Thane. Lucy and her colleagues are putting together a film over the course of this year. She wants loads of people to get involved and make it a really exciting project. You don't have to get involved with all of it. You can just turn up and play at some of her special events.

On Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd March Lucy is inviting all who want to join her at a special event called Learning to Play (a Promenade).

A promenade is a posh word for a walk. The event is free and open to any family who turns up between 1-5pm outside the Hub cafe. The procession will run from 2pm where you will be looking at a collection of special areas in the park using movement and moving image to 'play' in our urban green spaces. Note that children to need to be accompanied by an adult.

You can also adventure on your own, pick up a map from the cafe at the Hub or from Chisenhale Dance Space and choose your route. 

For more information about how to get involved in more of this project visit

March 18th 2014
A story by Suzannah Walker about cafe at the Hub building in Victoria Park . It is a 'Events' story.
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