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Playable space

Playable space

Tower Hamlets has always been a changing place and will continue to be so with new housing being built around the borough.

People need green spaces too, evidence shows having a connection to nature is good for our well being and there is lots of research (some on the PATH web site) that shows children need to play.

Often play areas can be plain and sterile, only fit for a tiny age range. Tower Hamlets parks are great but what about the spaces really close to home, the doorstep play offer and spaces to sit?

Playable space is a term to describe a playful space, planned for a wide age range. Over the last few years PATH have worked with communities, landlords and developers to look at how often more low cost ideas can create spaces that people use, enjoy and want to care for.

Children on one estate made a video about a playable space where the Keep Playing team worked with residents to transform an unused green space known as the dog toilet.

Watch the video here



February 18th 2014
A story by Eleanor Image. It is a 'Experiences' story
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