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Fly a kite for play

Fly a kite for play

February has a national kite day in it and this month is perfect  to make the most of the our blustery wind.

There is something wonderful about watching a kite bob away in the sky, you can feel your stresses and worries float away.

Have a go at making a kite and get out to fly it. you can make a really easy one by tying together the handles of a plastic bag with string and then take it for a run in your local park

Here's how to make a very simple kite - there is a photo explanation at the end. 

Flying a kite can also be exciting, some people make them for fights in the sky see the article in wikipedia here

Watch a short animation from Project Wild Thing about the importance of being outside and in nature here

Travel to Streatham and marvel at the fantastic kites at the Streatham Common Kite Day on Sunday 6th April. Find out more here

Don't fly any kites near power lines though!!!

February 4th 2014
A story by about any windy day in February. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.
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