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Making with wax

Making with wax

Colder weather provides a nice opportunity to enjoy a fire, watching the flickering flames and the light glowing in the dark.

Although you don't need to build a fire to enjoy the flicker of a flame. Have a go at this activity, tried and tested at PLAY EAST with playworkers and with children at the Shuffle winter festival at St Clements in Mile End.

You will need:

Sand, candles tealights are best, some shapes to use as moulds, the empty tray of a mince pie or similar cake, pliers, a grater and wax crayons. Keep a glass jar nearby in case of the tray catching light you can extinguish the flame.

Put the tea lights in the sand and light them, make a mould in the sand to pour the wax into, grate or cut some wax into the cake case, hold with the pliers over the flame until it is melted and pour into your mould. Avoid holding the cake case too close to the flame to keep it from burning.

Keys worked well as a mould and shallow shapes dry more quickly.




January 3rd 2014
A story by Eleanor Image. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story
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