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A playful walk

A playful walk

December 21st is the shortest day of the year when the sun comes up late and goes down early meaning we get the least amount of daylight. So best make the most of the hours there are to be out, getting the vitamin D that our bodies need and the daily essential of some outdoor play.

Of course not all play happens outside, making dens behind the sofa or imaginary worlds with small things is playful too and can be quiet and sometimes very still like you would need to be if you are hiding behind curtains.

But whatever the weather, going out for even a short walk can be playful, balance on a low wall, jump over the cracks, walk in zig zags, run as fast as you can for 1 minute or take a dog for a walk as Abdul did a couple of weeks ago.

Abdul and his dog walked and played through Mile End Park, around Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and back home along with some friends. The dog behaved really well and didn't even need a drink of water!

Where could you walk and play this winter and what new things would you see along the way?


December 19th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image about Mile End. It is a 'Places' story
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