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Keep Playing Saturdays

It's that time of year again winter has properly arrived, it's cold and gets dark early, so what do we do?!

Wrap up, buy some magic gloves (they really are magic) enjoy lights shining in the dark evenings and find new ways to keep warm when you are playing outside. The PATH playworkers will be out and about on Saturdays, this Saturday December 7th they will be exploring around Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park.

On Saturday 14th maybe checking out the festive event in Victoria Park and getting there by skipping or scooting.

There is lots to get out and do, visit your local Adventure Playground and sit by a fire.

Or check out the Winter Shuffle event at St Clements in Mile End follow this link for information on films and workshops for children and adults. The Keep Playing team will be doing a flame based workshop there on Tuesday 10th



December 6th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image. It is a 'Experiences' story
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