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The Holly Folly Goes Floral

The Holly Folly Goes Floral

The Holly Folly is a great place to play and you have to seek it out to play there. Here's a clue to find it; come into the East side of Victoria Park through Crown Gate East and look for a grove of smooth leaved holly trees. Once inside the trees you'll notice tiny tables and stools, mosaics on the floor and bats, owls and spiders hidden in the trees.

Once spring comes it'll be even easier to spot the Holly Folly thanks to some creative planting by the many families who kindly planted spring bulbs amongst the trees and on the surrounding grass.

On Monday and Tuesday 28th and 29th October children and young people came up with their designs and sprayed outlines on to the grass using a chalk aerosol (a new best toy!). Squares, stars, hearts and flowers were popular. One ambitious team helped plant up an outline of a person and their dog.

Meanwhile in the Hub building more children and their families tried out some spooky playful activities, these included making shrunken heads from apples, creating origami bats and many more creative activities.



November 4th 2013
A story by about the Holly Folly in Victoria Park. It is a 'Places' story.
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