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Pedal Cinema

courtesy oColin@ElectricPedals

The Keep Playing Play Champions proved themselves to be fun loving and fit in October when many attended a Cycle Cinema event organised by the Keep Playing team and hosted by Ben Jonson school.

Over fifty young people joined the team for an evening that was a definitely out of the ordinary. Colin Tonks of Electric Pedals brought his cycle cinema rig to the school and explained to the Play Champions how they could watch the film only if they generated the power themselves. This was done using three specially adapted bicycles which could create enough electricity to run the cinema.

The Play Champions were keen to try and for the next eighty minutes keen pedallers ensured that the Lorax, the film they aptly voted for, was played without a break or glitch. 

Popcorn was served during the film as well as plenty of water as it was hot work keeping the wheels rolling. When the film was finished there was half an hour to spare so we played run around games in the school playground under a starry sky.

"I've never been to anything like this before" said one child, whilst parents were pleased to collect tired and happy children at the end of the session.

We'd like to thank Mary Aldred for all her hard work to make the cinema happen and Colin Tonks from the Electric Pedals for bringing along all the equipment and taking some lovely photos.



November 4th 2013
A story by about the hall in Ben Jonson School. It is a 'Experiences' story.
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