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Family Fun with the Keep Playing Team in Victoria Park

Family Fun with the Keep Playing Team in Victoria Park

Come and join the Keep Playing Playworkers, Suzannah Walker and Grant Lambie for two afternoons of quirky spooky fun in Victoria Park.

Whilst the park rangers are occupied with crafts and pumpkins on the West side of the park PATH will be up to some jinks of their own.

We'll be planting bulbs in your designs and with your help. Think graffiti and crime scene silhouetes which you'll be able to enjoy in colour in the spring as you pass the Holly Folly.

Inside the Holly Folly (a secret, tucked away, play space inthe holly grove by Crown Gate East ) you'll be able to hunt down the bugs and beasts that lurk there. If you make some decorations in the Hub building with the Keep Playing team you'll also be able to hang them from the trees. Or take them home.

So rain or shine we will be there from 12 -3.30pm on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th October.

There's no need to book, just turn up on the day. and it's free of charge. 

To find out more have a look at the flyer for the day here. There's a map of the park gates here to help you find us. Come in to the park through Crown Gate East (if you can see the fountains and Pavillion cafe in front of you then you are on the wrong side of the park and have gone through Crown Gate West). If you head up the path towards the skate park you wil notice the Holly Folly and artistic bulb planting activities, carry on to the hub building if you fancy arts and crafts indoors!

Any queries please contact Suzannah Walker here

October 22nd 2013
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