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Pizza Club banquet

Pizza Club banquet

After the Keep Playing team were invited to try pizzas cooked in a hand made clay oven at The Canal Club Community Garden Play Champion Gabrielle suggested setting up pizza club so local children could get involved making and cooking their own pizzas.

During September and October children have been trying toppings picked fresh from the garden. There are cherry tomatoes, big bunches of basil and for those who like it hot red and green chillies.

The last pizza club of the year will be a banquet on Monday October 21st where children who have been each week can invite friends and family to experience the lovely garden space and taste some delicious and individual pizzas.

'Better than Pizza Express' commented a Mum after tasting her daughters pizza.

Seeing the clay oven built by Ella who lives next to the garden with help from local children has inspired children who go to Weavers Adventure Playground to build an oven, so we will look for funding to do that.

Follow our flickr link to see photos of pizza club.

October 16th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image. It is a 'Events' story
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