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Have a game of conkers

Have a game of conkers

It is the right time of year and the weather has been perfect for conker collecting, really windy so they are coming off the trees all over Tower Hamlets.

But you need to be quick! Squirrels try and eat them, they don't like the taste but they take a bite out of each one just to make sure, spoiling that shiny fresh shell.

Having collected a big pocketful from Victoria Park they were taken to the play session, along with some string. Using a screwdriver we made holes and started playing (making a hole with a skewer or bradawl works better)

''What are these?'' asked one boy ''I know how to play'' said another and within minutes one conker was smashed, see the action photos here

''That's a oner now' said an adult watching ''Each time you smash a conker the score goes up''

''That takes me back'' said a man passing by ''you don't see many of those in Tower Hamlets''

But you do see horse chestnut trees currently dropping lots of shiny fresh conkers in Tower Hamlets, okay not on this estate, but its worth a walk to discover the places to find them. Have a look in Victoria Park, Mile End Park and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. You will see them around some streets too, so have a walk and look up and down as you go.

October 10th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story
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