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Gascoigne Estate playable space

Gascoigne Estate playable space

On September 25th the new playful space next to The Hut, on Gascoigne Estate, opened for play.

Gascoigne Neighbourhood Association have brought The Hut, a small community centre, back into use. Play Association Tower Hamlets run regular play sessions on Wednesdays, thanks to funding through public health, just one of the range of community activities based at The Hut.

The one piece of play equipment behind the Hut remained locked away, whilst the surrounding green space  was used as a dog toilet. Residents wanted to improve the area and worked with the Keep Playing team to raise funds to change it.

Thanks to funds from The London Marathon Trust, Trust for London, London and Quadrant Housing and Tower Hamlets Homes enough funding was raised to transform the space in to a playful and social enviroment for all. Children used all the space, the sand area has a sink and tap and empty plastic bottles were gathered to create swimming pools and a lake.

The fallen tree was a good climbing challenge for some and a place to lounge in a branch for others. The hamock can fit 6 children on and was pushed high and low throughout the day.

'It's good to have the tree, something natural for the kids to climb on' commented a local Dad. '

'I'm glad there is a bench or I would have no where to sit' said one of the Mums.

To see photos of the opening event taken by Play Champion Gabrielle follow the link to the Keep Playing flickr site here.

Ideas of how to green the estate continue with an event, Apple Day on Sunday October 6th when the community will be able to comment on plans of how to improve the area further.   


October 2nd 2013
A story by Eleanor Image about The Hut in on Gascoigne Estate. It is a 'Events' story.
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