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The Hut playable space work starts

The Hut playable space work starts

Work starts at The Hut

Since being awarded £22,250 from the London Marathon Charitable Trust in January 2013 work has been going on behind the scenes. Meetings with Tower Hamlets Homes, consultations with residents of all ages, engagement of PLAYLINK and contractors HS Landscapes, plans agreed and additional fund raising suscessfully done by residents adding another £1,000 from Trust for London the first visual signs of work have started.

At the end of July the fences came down and start of August the tree was delivered. With work due to be finished by Sept 2nd the deadline of school holidays will be met, if only just! See some photos on the Keep Playing flickr site:

The good news is thanks to an active Neighbourhood group the greening of Gascoigne is just getting started.

For more stories about the Gascoigne area see the Living Local web site:

August 13th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image about Gascoigne Neighbourhood. It is a 'Places' story
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