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New swings for Dinmont

New swings for Dinmont

New swings and games area at Dinmont estate

Thanks to funding from the London Marathon Trust there have been changes to the play space at Dinmont. Children living on the estate managed by Tower Hamlets Community Housing and Spitalfields Housing Association asked for swings they could use instead of the existing cradle / baby swings. They also wanted a better surface on the old ball court and a new goal.

In July the space was finished and children were playing there straight away.

''The swings are better and there's 2 so I can swing with my friend'  said Jennifer. 

'The ball area is cleaner and we have 2 goals its good to have a basketball hoop' said Abdullah.

There will be an opening on Monday September 23rd to invite the Marathon Trust and housing staff to.



August 13th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image about Tower Hamlets. It is a 'Places' story
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