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Play Walk Today in Victoria Park

Play Walk Today in Victoria Park

Join us for a playful walk through Victoria Park on Thursday August 8th. See if you can spot some little owls...There are playful things all around Victoria Park, have you seen the palm trees by the paddling pool, a canoe or found any owls sitting in the trees?

We'll take a playful amble between some of the lesser known playful areas in Victoria Park, stop off and play games (hook a duck and a treasure hunt included) and finish up at the pools park. so if you want to get wet do bring a towel.

Come and join the  PATH play team at 2.00pm at Bonner Gate (the one with the stones dogs by the canal). We'll be wearing our blue Playworker vests. 

Our walk is free and families and young people are very welcome 

August 8th 2013
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