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Testing the Play Space in QE Park

Testing the Play Space in QE Park

Tumbling Bay on a Sunny Day

After a year of building since the Olympics ended last summer the south park is open with a new play space and cafe. On August 1st the Keep Playing team went to check out what's on offer, its on the edge of Tower Hamlets so surely couldn't be a long walk?

Our route started by the Pavillion Cafe in  Victoria Park having collected and protected with the free sun cream given out by the Nivea lady. She looked like an ice cream seller but actually sun cream was much needed on one of the hottest days of the year.

We walked 2.3km with the help of Play Champion Gabrielle and 8 year old Eedie to help us rate the difficulty  of the route. We wandered through Victoria Park, along the canal past the Growing Concerns Plant nursery and the Top of the Morning pub crossed the footbridge and into the QE park via White Post Lane. Here's a map of the park - White Post Lane was open on the day we went there, but it might not be open when there are closed summer events on (eg Lollibop)

There are quite a few roads in the park but there were plenty of stewards to show us the way.

Arriving at the play space we were all happy to have a cold drink in the (expensive) cafe and even happier to discover the sand and water play area.Poetically named Tumbling Bay.  With pumps and dams, sand and rocks we cooled our feet in pools and streams enjoying the beach atmosphere of the place. 

Busy but not packed we climbed around and through the wooden structure, hung and swung from rope nets, went on swings of different heights and risked sliding down the fire pole. Which was pretty hot! Look out for the hidden piano ....

We all headed home different ways, by feet, bus and train so we can share how easy it is to get there from Tower Hamlets. And the walk was easy confirmed Eedie, although there was a slope leading down to the canal . We can recommend the walk as accessible for buggies too.


August 6th 2013
A story by Eleanor Image about sand and water play in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It is a 'Places' story.
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