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Play Events: John Scurr Community Centre's Big Paint Project

Play Events: John Scurr Community Centre

The first day of August was a lovely day for John Scurr Community Centre's children. Boushara, a volunteer from this centre organised a fantastic day for the kids. 

At ten in the morning was everything prepared to start having fun! They had everything to make a huge painting of London!

They started painting the background of the big poster all in green with the Thames in blue and some lakes.... Then, it was time to think about what were their favourites things about London. One girl liked the Big Ben, other child prefered the swimming pool and a little kid said that her favourite think about London was his father! So let's paint it!

Once everyone decided what they like about London and they painted it, we left these works behind the sun and went to have a break an a refreshment!

Finally, we had a fantastic poster with the best things of London for John Scurr Community Centre's children! It will be displayed in the centre, so, if you are interested, go and visit it!

To see more pictures about the event, click here!

And don't forget that we have more Play Cheques events every week!! See you there!

August 5th 2013
A story by Clara Lopez Torres about John Scurr Community Centre. It is a 'Experiences' story
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