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More games we play in Spain!

More games we play in Spain!


Did you like "Las chapas" game? I want to let you know more Spanish games that are funny and easy to play... Ready?



- What do we need? We need something to cover the eyes (a scarf, for example) and, at least, 3 people.

- The game:

A child, who is the hen, should be in the middle with the eyes covered.

The others make him turn around while they are singing this song:

<<Blind hen, What you have lost?, A needle and a thimble, Turn around, And it would be found>>.

The "blind hen" should catch another child and the others should the hen to help him to find them but trying not to be caught.



- What do we need? We don't need any material, and the most number or people (from 5 to 25, approximately), the best.

- The game:

A child is placed facing the wall and the other children should be at 10 metres distance aproximately.

The child facing the wall has to say, with his eyes closed, "1, 2, 3, English chicken".

While this child is saying "1, 2, 3, English chicken", the others have to advance to the wall.

When the child facing the wall finishes saying these words, he will turn around and the others should be completely still.

If the child sees anyone moving, he will send him to the starting point.

The goal is to reach the wall without being seen. 

The winner will be the next one to be facing the wall.  


I hope you enjoy these new games!! Let's play!!

July 8th 2013
A story by Clara Lopez Torres about Games we play in Spain. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.
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