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Las chapas: A tradicional Spanish game

Las chapas: A tradicional Spanish game

Hello everyone!

I'm Clara, I'm from Spain and I've just arrived to PATH!

On my first days here, lots of children have asked me about Spain and Spanish Games. Because of that reason, I've decided to write about one of our tradicional games!

This game is called "Las chapas", what means "The bottle caps".

What do we need to play "Las chapas"?

- 22 bottle caps.

- Chalk.

-A chickpea.

How can we start playing?

The first thing that we must do is to draw a football pitch on the floor. Normally, we don't have a proper pitch as the one in the picture, but it is not a problem because we can draw it wherever!

Each player has 11 bottle caps. Those are your players, so you can put pictures of real football players on it or just colour those.

The ball will be a chickpea and what you have to do, turn by turn, is flicking your cap against the chickpea trying to put it inside the goal.

And then, the first player that reach 10 goals, will be the winner!

It's time to play!! Start collecting your bottle caps, decorate those and let's start the match!


July 1st 2013
A story by Clara Lopez Torres about games we play in Spain. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.
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