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Gunge and Slime - The Next Level.

(c) M.Pantrey 2007-2011

I loved Eleanor's story about making slime. I'm waiting for a chance to get to Wilkinson's so I can get some Laundry Starch to make some bouncy slime!

But I wanted to share this link: Superpants

While I can easily get Eleanor's ingredients, Superpants is a Professor of Gunge, and her recipes are quite demanding. There is also a 'History of Gunge' page, and lots of science...


I'm starting with the recipes from the Keep Playing website, but when I get a spare weekend, I'm graduating to Professor Superpants.



Image (c) M.Pantrey 2007-2011

October 24th 2011
A story by Cris Thompson. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story
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