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Go Go Go Karts

Go Go Go Karts

Sunday saw the children from Dunmore Hut and Weavers Adventure Playground take part in the London Play Go Kart Grand Prix. The track was more bumpy and grassy  than is seen at Silverstone but the fun is shining through on all the photos.

Tower Hamlets hosts, Team Mudchute, aka Anonymous, were the winners (hmm had they been practising in advance?). Team Dunmore had the best decorated kart though. Golden tinsel set it apart from the other less sparkly karts. Whilst  Weavers surely got maximum points for style and preparation (see them in action on the photo)

We'll no doubt have news from the participants themselves but in the meantime you can read more on the Mudchute website and the London Play Facebook page.


June 17th 2013
A story by about Mudchute Park and Farm in the Isle of Dogs. It is a 'Experiences' story.
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