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Play Champion in Mile End Park

Paul Sammut has been working with children in Tower Hamlets for years. He is a great champion for children's play and finds lots of creative things to do on small budgets.

This summer Mile End Children's Park had lots of free play events for children and families. I went along to help on National Playday in August,the staff had laid out trays of paint which the children used to walk through - on feet and hands. They then made wonderful, colourful hand and footprints by walking along huge rolls of paper and the park.  A couple of children enjoyed themselves so much that they swam in the paint too.

Paul is now busy planning his next event. Look out for Teeny Weeny Halloweeny in the Children's Park and the Harry Rotter Halloween event in the park, both always excellent and scary events.


October 20th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about Children's Park in Mile End Park. It is a 'Places' story.
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