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Playing at the Pod

Playing at the Pod

The sun shone on our buggy event

Friday May 31st was the Buggy Buddies event in Mile End Park and the sun came out all day. We had lots of ideas to try out in this lush and lovely area of Mile End Park.

With the lake nearby for sailing paper boats, the hill for running up and rolling down, fallen trees and a tree crown to climb as well as testing out our spray chalk twister game on the grass and then the children came with new ideas.

Bilal, Muhammed and Abdullah hadn't seen the Play Pod open for 2 years 'we used to come here after school and make a balance challenge with the rope....' sure enough the rope was still in the Pod and the boys set up a game. We all played twister and liked having the games out in the grass.

Buggies and go karts raced down the hill and continued around the Pod long after the ''event'' was over see our Flickr page for more photos

We all enjoyed playing at the Play Pod so much we will be there again this Thursday

Come and join us after school 3.15 - 6.15 Thursday June 6th


June 3rd 2013
A story by Eleanor Image about The Play Pod Mile End Park. It is a 'Events' story
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