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Playground Games with Ben Jonson's Play champions

Playground Games with Ben Jonson

The Keep Playing team ventured in to the wild and exciting playgrounds of Ben Jonson school today. We got to meet lots of children who were very interested in becoming Play Champions and started out by learning playground games that they could share with other children during breaktimes.

The Play Champions and  the Keep Playing team shared a quick games of knots with some of the lunch time supervisors in the staff room. Then they moved outside to share run around games  and practice teaching them to other pupils.

The Keep Playing team introduced the Play Champions to Octopus, Fishes in the Sea (which we played for ages and loads of different kids) and Spokes. In exchange the Play Champions taught What's the Time Mr Wolf, Eggs in the Pan and Vampire. We're hoping that the Vampire players will write us up a description of how to play the game as it looks great, and we'd love to teach it properly to other people who like a scary game.

Top games were Fishes in the Sea, closely followed by What's the Time Mr Wolf and Octopus. See some of the photos on our flickr site

Thanks to the volunteers from the Arbour Centre who helped out as well, and to Mary Aldred who ensured all the children and teachers were informed and ready.



October 19th 2011
A story by Suzannah Walker about playground in Ben Jonson School. It is a 'Activities and Ideas' story.
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