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What does a Play Champion do?

What does a Play Champion do?

I went to visit a play session at Eric Street to talk to some parents and children about being Play Champions. "What would I have to do?" asked Ruhela " would I have to go to meetings? " As a Mum with young children going to meetings that are often at dinner and bedtime is not practical for Ruhela.

But being a Play Champion isn't necessarily about going to meetings. To be a Play Champion means to support play and to actively do something about it. Understanding how important play is for children and making time for it is one thing that everyone could do.

I think all the adults at the Eric Street play session are Play Champions, they look out for the new play space, they use it, they talk and enjoy watching their children of all ages playing out.

Rahela is really pleased to have a space like Eric Street on her doorstep and was more than happy to be a Play Champion to share this and other stories of how well Eric Street is working for the whole community.

Rahela said "I think having a play space for every child to play is very important, they enjoy the space and the quality time spent here is crucial. I fully support this project and am willing to help in every way I can, just to bring a smile to each child"

October 19th 2011
A story by Eleanor Image about Eric Street. It is a 'Experiences' story
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