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A Touch of Summer

A Touch of Summer

While you are out and about seeking sunshine and shelter this holiday why not pop in to Victoria Park to check out the Palm trees by the Pools Park and Skate area.

The trees were made from design ideas collected over the summer holidays by the Keep Playing team. Chainsaw artist Dafydd Hughes then came from Wales to carve them over the October half term holidays in 2012. You can read more about it all here

It's too cold for a splash in the Pools (and there is no water there until the summer appears) but there are the wonderful long slides and a very nice cafe right next to the play area, where you can get a warm drink and a tasty snack. We reckon you can convince your parents that you can play out in the massive sandpit, swings and slides whilst they can warm up and read their papers in the cafe. Or they might feel that it's so fun they'll be out playing with you.

April 8th 2013
A story by about The Palm Trees in the Pools Park in Victoria Park. It is a 'Places' story.
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